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What does the book editing process look like with Pypeline Editing?

Stage one is a structural edit of author-to-author suggestions where the book editors will supply feedback to enrich your writing. Stage two and stage three both include a thorough line-by-line edit and complete copy edit. With a professionally edited book from Pypeline Editing, you will be ready for self-publishing or even a traditional publishing house. Whether you are looking to sell copies of your book or have always wanted to write your story specifically for yourself, a professionally edited book will make your writing shine.

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What is a Structural Edit?

Date 08-21-2017

You know what book editing is. A book editor (maybe Pypeline Editing) takes your manuscript and cleans up the grammar, the punctuation, the spelling–they clean up everything! But, what is a structural edit and do you need one? A structural edit is when an editor looks at your manuscript and edits it for content. For […]


National Book Lovers Day

Date 08-07-2017

You heard it here, folks. August 9th is National Book Lovers Day. What is that, you ask? Well, National Book Lovers Day is the opportunity for bibliophiles everywhere to celebrate books, reading, and book places (think a library). So, in honor of this national holiday, perhaps the best holiday of the year, I will include my […]

      I am very pleased with the work you've done on my book.  Your suggestions and corrections were spot-on and you took my lumps of words and smoothed them out in to a what now reads as a polished and certainly more fluid piece. I wish you and Pypeline much success and do see a busy future for the two of you. I am working on other projects and will no doubt call on you again for help.  ”
Joseph L. Cacibauda
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