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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Author is available here (Kindle version also available), and even includes comedy along the way for your reading enjoyment.



Pypeline Editing is your choice for book editing. When you choose Pypeline Editing you get two book editors for the price of one who are with you through every step of the book editing process. Both editors will review your book and offer author-to-author suggestions to enhance your book. Once that step is complete, both editors will provide a thorough line-by-line edit to make sure your book is ready for publishing, at which point Pypeline Editing can then guide you to book publishing and book marketing avenues. Providing years of experience, we help you accomplish the goals you have for your book. We are based in Reno, Nevada, but with the Internet we can work with authors from any location.

Choose quality for your book. Choose Pypeline Editing.



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Book Promotion Means Building Connections

Date 06-27-2016

When your book succeeds, it is not a success you make alone. Don’t get us wrong, you have done a lot, and you should celebrate. Every completed stage of the author process is reason to celebrate. Now, you need to get your written, edited and published book out there. Call upon your expanding contact base […]


Short Story: Creation of the Crazy Cat Lady

Date 06-20-2016

It began quite innocently. I had always loved animals, cats especially. Their delicate movements, constant purring and meowing–they warmed my heart. Growing up, we weren’t allowed to have any animals in the house due to my father’s “allergies.” We knew the real reason was because he hated animals, but arguing was futile; our house would […]

      I am immensely pleased with the work provided by Jenny Perry and Krystal Pyatt of Pypeline Editing. As a first time author, they were in constant contact with me, answering all of my questions, keeping me apprised of where we were in the process at all times, which allowed us to finish ahead of schedule. I look forward to working with them again in the future.”
Charles Wellington II
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