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Stage one is a structural edit of author-to-author suggestions where the book editors will supply feedback to enrich your writing. Stage two and stage three both include a thorough line-by-line edit and complete copy edit. With a professionally edited book from Pypeline Editing, you will be ready for self-publishing or even a traditional publishing house. Whether you are looking to sell copies of your book or have always wanted to write your story specifically for yourself, a professionally edited book will make your writing shine.

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The Mother of All Mothers in Books

Date 05-15-2017

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, so happy belated Mother’s Day to mothers, grandmothers, and motherly figures everywhere. What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than looking into the best mother characters of all time. Now, keep in mind, there are many more where this came from, you can certainly add a comment below with the characters […]


What I Wish I Knew Before I Became a Writer

Date 05-01-2017

Writing is not easy. Anyone who says so is fibbing. It can be easier for others, it can be easier depending upon the mood, the topic, the person’s place in life. However, it is still not easy. So, what things should you know before beginning to write, before beginning to walk the road to becoming […]

      I am immensely pleased with the work provided by Jenny Perry and Krystal Pyatt of Pypeline Editing. As a first time author, they were in constant contact with me, answering all of my questions, keeping me apprised of where we were in the process at all times, which allowed us to finish ahead of schedule. I look forward to working with them again in the future.”
Charles Wellington II
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