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Pypeline Editing is your choice for book editing. When you choose Pypeline Editing you get two book editors for the price of one who are with you through every step of the book editing process. Both editors will review your book and offer author-to-author suggestions to enhance your book. Once that step is complete, both editors will provide a thorough line-by-line edit to make sure your book is ready for publishing, at which point Pypeline Editing can then guide you to book publishing and book marketing avenues. Providing years of experience, we help you accomplish the goals you have for your book.We are based in Reno, Nevada, but with the Internet we can work with authors from any location.

Choose quality for your book. Choose Pypeline Editing.

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How To Fix Grammar Politely

Date 06-29-2015

You fancy yourself an amazing Grammar Nazi, however with that title comes certain hardships, such as alienating friends and family and cultivating a bad reputation. Here are some tips to overcome this. Be Gentle: No one wants to be corrected all the time, so be gentle when you do it. Tell them you just want  to help […]


Writing Prompts

Date 06-22-2015

Writer’s block is a writer’s worst enemy. Sometimes all you have to do to get over writer’s block is to write, whether it’s related to what you want to write about or not. To help you get started we have provided some writing prompts below. Writing Prompt #1: You arrive home late at night. When […]

      When recently building my new website, I needed a new description for my about page. I wanted to step out of it and decided to ask Pypeline to see Dog Gone Silly from their prospective. Not only was it done in an immediate timeframe, but with a couple of minor adjustments I requested..… they nailed it!  Using Pypeline for future projects will be an  absolute.”
John Tiedjens, (AKA JR Johns) Owner/Creator@ Dog Gone Silly.com
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