The Prowling Writer: Writer/Editor Pickup Lines

IMG_0247You know that sexy editor with the black-rimmed glasses who will never give you the time of day? Well, lucky for you Pypeline Editing not only gives writing advice, we give love advice as well. Next time you see that lovely lady, try some of these literary pickup lines.

Clearly all the other women are rough drafts—because you’re the final copy.

Are you a past-due library book? Because I’ve been checking you out for a long time.

Let me to show you the difference between lay and laid?

Would you like to see my rough draft? The best part is the climax.

I love your outline.

Do you like your drafts rough?

I just finished my book and I could use some help with the binding.

Disclaimer: We aren’t really matchmakers and would advise you not to use these pickup lines or follow any of our dating advice in order to avoid rejection and humiliation. Do so at your own risk and of course for our entertainment.

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      Jenny and Krystal, you two did an outstanding job correcting my quotes and restructuring many sentences throughout the 307 pages. The final edits will assist Harden's Shadows in reaching our readers with ten generations of promising stories spanning 300 years. You are truly my Author's Editors. It is my pleasure to recommend Pypeline Editing. You provided a thoroughly professional experience for a new author.”
Rob Harden
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