Christmas Presents for Book Lovers

41lv903GrbL._SX355_Tis the season to have to find the perfect present to sum up all your feelings for someone. If that person is a book lover, you are probably confused on what to purchase. Well, good thing you stumbled upon this blog post. Here are some amazing present ideas for your mom, sister, brother, boyfriend, book editor, friend etc.

  1. Polished Geode Bookends: OK, some people need bookends, some people have too many books there is no way they could ever need them, but with awesome bookends like these, why not?
  2. Book Scented Candle: Remember that smell when you pick up an old book? We do and we love it! You can now can that scent, or at least these people did.
  3. Grammar Teacups: These are perfect for grammarians who love tea.
  4. Writer’s Block: This cube gives the writer in your life ideas on how to go forward with a story if they have hit the inevitable writer’s block.
  5. Jenga for Book Lovers: Love the game? Well, now it has a book lover’s twist with questions that must be answered!
  6. “I’d Rather Be Reading” Jewelry: Of course he or she would rather be reading, but now they can tell the world with their jewelry.
  7. Book Lights: Now they can read in the dark with a personal book light.
  8. Bookshelf Phone Case: This link is for a Samsung, but we are certain you can find them for most phones.

Hopefully these ideas helped! No go forth and conquer Christmas!

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