How Editors Celebrate National Grammar Day

National Grammar Day was this past weekend, Saturday, March 4, 2017, and the Reno Editing gals at Pypeline Editing certainly know how to party. Editing people love grammar, and writing people love grammar, too. Are you an editor or a writer? Or, are you a grammar aficionado? Then, National Grammar Day is certainly for you. If you want to plan ahead for next year’s festivities, or if you choose to not wait for a nationally designated day, celebrate grammar every day with these ideas, courtesy of Reno editing company, Pypeline Editing:

  • Read About Grammar: There are plenty of books on grammar and even some exciting grammar blogs (Grammar Girl). So, read up, you’re going to love the facts you learn. Next step is implementation.
  • Use Proper Grammar: Writing should be a goal for every writer (otherwise you cannot use that name for yourself) but proper grammar is important for speech and other written forms of communication, not just book writing. So, use what you learned!
  • Share the Grammar Love: OK, most people don’t like being corrected, especially when it comes to grammar. However, sometimes it works out for everyone, especially if you’re passionate. Our only suggestion here: be nice about it, otherwise you may be called a Grammar Nazi.
  • Hashtags Work: Hashtags are not just for social media gurus. They work for keeping track of National Grammar Day. Use #NationalGrammarDay to post on social media so people know about this tremendous occasion and you can search the hashtag as well to see what others are doing.
  • Host a Grammar Party: What does a grammar party look like? Glad you asked because it is a super awesome time. Invite your friends and family and serve treats and speak about grammar and the perfect grammar tips. If it seems weird, you may not be ready yet for a grammar party.

Grammar is not restricted to Reno editing, in fact, grammar is necessary everywhere. Scream and shout about it from a rooftop, because National Grammar Day is the proper time to celebrate all things grammar. Be sure to use the hashtag and share your tips, your plans and your celebrations.

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