Labor Day and Writing

Happy Labor Day!

The first Monday of every September is dedicated to the men and women who have labored to build this country. With an added day of the weekend and the school year starting, Labor Day also signals the official end of summer. What are you doing?

Labor Day nowadays is reserved for one last relaxation day of summer, whether that’s camping, hiking, or swimming–outdoor activities monopolize the day and weekend. So, what does this have to do with writing?


Where do writers get inspiration for their writing? Their surroundings, of course!

  1. Record your story: Not everyone feels comfortable writing a story that has too much to do with his or her real life. However, even if not used in its entirety or even in its full form, inspiration can at least come from your life. So, record everything, have a journal, write in a diary. That funny camping story? That could be in a book. That dangerous hiking story? That can be in a book. So, keep track of these portions of your life because you could use them later.
  2. Extrapolate: Do you remember being a kid and running around with a group of friends pretending you’re a ninja/explorer/whatever? Why do we lose that as we age? Now, I am not saying you should full on go camping with family and friends and pretend you are someone else, but the amazing thing about imagination is you don’t have to do it out loud. Imagine in your head. If an explorer was where you are, where would he/she go? If a crocodile sprung from the river, what would a character do? Use your imagination. This is writing fuel.
  3. Relax: This may sound counterintuitive, but writers are usually people who beat themselves up when they have writer’s block, when they are not writing, and when they could be. So, instead think about this as a trip out of the office. You are scheduling this in as part of the writing process, and part of that is relaxing! So, take advantage, stay in the moment and remember, writing is only a small part of being an author.


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