Literary Ways to Celebrate the Holidays

download (2)Literary people never do anything the “normal” way, which means they should have unique ways to celebrate the holidays. There are many literary ways to celebrate, but below are a few of my favorite.

Read holiday-themed books: Find books that are set during the holiday season, the cheesier the better. Nothing will put you more in a holiday mood than reading Christmas murder mysteries.

Make snow characters: Everyone makes snowmen, so be different a make a snow statue of your favorite author or book character.  If you are in an area where it snows a lot, create all the main characters from your favorite book.

Throw a literary Christmas party: Throw a party and have all of your friends dress like their favorite Christmas book character.

Make a book tree: Collect all the books you have already read. Arrange them in a tree shape like the one in the picture shown here. To make the tree look even better, add a string of lights and ornaments.

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