Book and Tea Pairings

9c956e5af2930a8908a44dfbbff3e96dIf you are a book lover, chances are you are also a tea lover. And why not, they are a great combination. So, on your Thursday, Friday, whatever night, when you are planning a low-key evening at home, what tea should you drink with each book? Well, we are here to tell you.

  • Green Tea: Have you considered Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass? Green is the perfect color when you are reading about the wilderness. If you are feeling dangerous, you can drink that green tea with The Hunger Games or Hatchet.
  • White Tea: Jane Eyre anyone? The Bronte sisters are perfect for white tea. Actually, consider the Victorian/romantic period of writers. The white tea will not disappoint.
  • Black Tea: Consider your gothic novels, your delightful horror stories. For this one, fill in your own blank. Choose your own horror adventure if you will.
  • Herbal Tea: Herbal tea is relaxing and should remain as such, so do not plan a tragic story or an adventure story. These are your poetry books, your delightful prose. Enjoy yourself and enjoy your book.
  • Chai Tea: This is spicy and flavorful, so choose a book written by an author from a far-off place. One Thousand and One Nights is perfect for your chai tea, so steep a cup and prepare your most comfortable spot.

Now that you have your tea list, make your own connections and share them with us. As you can suspect, we love books and tea.

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