DIY Bookshelf/Ottoman in just 10 Easy Steps

IMAG0162_1What You’ll Need: Wire Spool (you can go to a hardware store or wire manufacturer—they will usually give it to you for free), Sand Paper, Wood Stain, Paint Brush or Rag, Cushy Foam Padding, Durable Fabric, Staple Gun, 4-6 Wooden Dowels, 3-4 Casters, Screws, Screwdriver and most importantly—books!

1. Sand down the whole spool until the surface is as smooth as Don Draper.

2. Using your favorite wood stain (I know everybody has one), stain the entire spool using a paint brush or a rag.

3. Cut the foam padding so it is the same size as the top end of the spool.

4. Cut the fabric, making sure to leave excess so it can fit over the foam and can be adhered to the underside of the spool.

5. Put the foam on the top of the spool, stretch the fabric over the foam and staple the fabric to the underside of the spool.

6. Cut 4-6 dowels, depending on the size of the spool, to the appropriate size so they will fit in the middle of the spool.

7. Space out the dowels as you see fit and attach them using wood glue.

8. Once the glue is dry, use the same stain, or mix things up with a different color, and paint the dowels.

9. Attach the casters to the bottom of the spool using screws.

10. Finally, put books between the dowels, then sit back and enjoy your masterpiece. You are now an elite member of the DIY club!

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