Tech Gadgets for Writers

Are you a writer who also likes gadgets?

Who isn’t?

Of course the easy gadgets are not going to be on the list. These are of course laptops, tablets, phones, printers and so on. These are a given. We will also stay away from items that are not truly technological in any way, however, still useful for a writer. This list includes notebooks, pens, folders, etc.

Here is a list of fun “techy” gadgets for writers, whether that is you or a friend, these are sure to please.

  • LiveScribe Pen: This sounds amazing! Are you a person who likes to write, not type?You can digitally record what you write or even your voice. You can then upload what you write to your computer and have it converted to text. Imagine that!
  • Noise-cancelling headphones: If you are someone who is distracted easily, you need headphones. Not just any headphone will do, you need noise-cancelling headphones to make sure you stay in your writing world. Wireless is the way to go, that way you are not fighting away the wires each time you move!
  • Bluetooth speaker: Some people hate the idea of wearing headphones, and that’s fine. However, you may still want to keep the music going which keeps your writing going. How do you do it? A Bluetooth speaker of course! There are a variety of makes and models, so find the one that works best for you and your budget.
  • External hard drive: This one may seem less fun, but it is super important. Save your stuff! You will want to make sure all the words you write are taken care of, so invest in an external hard drive. You can still make it fun by choosing one with a fun case.

Are there gadgets we maybe didn’t mention that you wanted included? Is there anything on the list that you don’t care for? Let us know! We love feedback.

Disclaimer: Pypeline Editing was not paid to endorse any of these gadgets. We just happen to think they might be cool.

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