Valentine’s Book Dates

431824_591774847499749_419924286_nValentine’s Day is right around the corner. Librarians, writers, editors and bookstore owners are rejoicing. Whether you are single or part of a couple we know the perfect date idea: a night in spent with books.

Consider this:

There will be candlelight, well lots of candles because you want to read. Actually, that’s a fire hazard, have your lights dimmed. Just a little bit though. You don’t want them too dim or the pages won’t be visible. Now that the light situation is handled, move onto ambiance. Choose your favorite soundtrack for the background noise, or leave it silent. You know what, choose whatever is best for you when reading.

The menu shall include a glass of Merlot and some Copper River Salmon hand-caught from Alaska over a bed of quinoa. Or, you can have the comfort food of macaroni and cheese with a can of root beer. Whatever food you like is the food you choose for your Valentine’s Day. Either way, it will be special. Splurge and use a pink napkin.

Now to the main event. All conditions are perfect; you have your lighting, your music (or lack-thereof) and your food. Now, what are you reading for Valentine’s Day? Are you a romance novel? Are you a murder mystery? Or, did you choose blindly from your favorite bookstore for a little “blind date book reading?” Can’t go wrong with that! Whatever you read, just remember a book date is always a good idea.

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      I am very pleased with the work you've done on my book.  Your suggestions and corrections were spot-on and you took my lumps of words and smoothed them out in to a what now reads as a polished and certainly more fluid piece. I wish you and Pypeline much success and do see a busy future for the two of you. I am working on other projects and will no doubt call on you again for help.  ”
Joseph L. Cacibauda
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