Why We Still Love Libraries

library-picSome people think libraries are outdated with all the new technology that is around these days. We strongly disagree with that thought. There are many reasons why we still love libraries and here are just a few of them.

Free books: We could stop here. One of the best things about libraries is that you can read as many books as you want for free. We do like buying books from our local bookstores, but it’s not necessary to buy every book you want to read. You can save so much money by borrowing some books from the library instead of buying them.

Book events: With libraries around, you never have to be bored. They often hold storytelling events for kids, they host book clubs, and have author signing events. There is something for everyone.

Free internet access: Whether you are doing research or just want to have fun browsing the internet, you can do that for free at the library. It’s a quiet place, free from distraction, that will allow you to get more work done than you would at a coffeehouse.

Librarians are awesome: If you are looking for information, librarians are the best resource. They can help you find what you are looking for and can suggest what books to read based on your interests.

More than just books: Even if you don’t go to libraries for traditional books, libraries have offer much more. You can rent movies, CDs, video games and e-books, all for free.

So don’t throw away your library card. Libraries are great for all book lovers and we think they are here to stay.

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