Wine and Book Pairings

6a00e55360baae883301053663f32b970c-800wiYou pair your wine with food, so why not pair them with books too? Here is a comprehensive list to use when pairing your classic wines with your favorite books.

  • Merlot: These are graphic murder stories. Look at anything from Stephen King to George R. R. Martin. You want the deep color of the wine to complement the deep cut these stories will leave in your heart.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon: Pair this with something romantic. You are looking at your Nicholas Sparks novels, your Cassie Edwards. This would even go great with something a tad more contemporary, and perhaps risqué, like your Fifty Shades of Grey series.
  • Pinot Noir: Murder mysteries like Nancy Drew or The Hardy Boys go very well with the Pinot Noir, or anything that has that “noir” feel to it, like Dick Tracy. You want your wine to have the same excitement, but tameness, as your favorite book.
  • Rosé: The pink color of this wine pairs beautifully with poetry books that harbor the whimsical nature of a bohemian or even the lighthearted passion of an outdoorsmen. Let the words, and the Rosé take you away.
  • Sauvignon Blanc: Read your classics with this type of wine. You are looking at anything by F. Scott Fitzgerald or Mark Twain. The lightness of the beverage will pair beautifully with any classic novel.
  • Sparkling Wine: This is your celebratory drink, which is the perfect combination to any fantasy or science fiction novels. The bubbles bring the subtle essence of each world alive for the reader.

Grab your book and your wine and give this guide a go!

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