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There are very few things I love more in this world than puns. In honor of this love, I decided to do a blog series focused on puns. I decided to get my feet wet by starting with a beach-themed one. I hope you find this one very punny.

~I think the ocean has a crush on me; it keeps waving at me.

~Why didn’t the boat want to go further into the water? It wanted to coast.

~One crab said to another crab, “Your house looks dirty!” The other crab replied, “What, the shell?”

~Why was the surfer afraid of commitment? He didn’t want to get tide down.

Of course, you should never pass up on an opportunity to use a good pun, so whenever at the beach always try to use the following phrases as often as possible.

~Job whale done!
~Stop being shellfish.
~Sea what I did there?
~Are you shore?
~Water you doing?
~Beach, please!

I hope you enjoyed these. If you have any puns to add, we would shore appreciate you sharing them on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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