The Magic of Writing

magicImagine you are at a magic show. The magician starts the show. You watch as he sets up his first trick, wondering what he is going to do. You are engaged, mesmerized. What is he going to do next? What will be the big twist? Good writing should elicit the same responses in readers. Considering this, could writers be considered magicians? We think so, and here’s why.

You only see what they want you to see. When you are watching a magic show, there are many things you don’t see. You don’t see the mirrors or the trap door below the stage. You only see what the magician wants you to see. The same thing happens when you are reading a book. The author only reveals certain details and hides others until they want them to be seen. You are at the magician’s, and the author’s, mercy.

You will have your own ideas as to what is happening. You’re in the audience, trying to figure out how the performer is doing that trick. What are you missing? How could that possibly be happening? Similar thoughts enter your mind while reading as well. For instance, when you are reading a murder mystery, you will spend the entire book trying to guess who the killer is.

It’s a show that can be watched over and over. You can watch a magic show again and again trying to figure out what happened. Each time you may see a different piece of the puzzle. The magic of reading a book is that you can read it many times and you will always see things you hadn’t seen before. There will be new details that you hadn’t caught previously.

So, like any talented magician, you have a show to put on with your writing. Work your magic and your audience will be amazed.

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