Book Promotion Means Building Connections

bull_horn_largeWhen your book succeeds, it is not a success you make alone. Don’t get us wrong, you have done a lot, and you should celebrate. Every completed stage of the author process is reason to celebrate.

Now, you need to get your written, edited and published book out there. Call upon your expanding contact base to help you reach more readers.

  1. Social Media:  Up until this point we are sure you have been sharing the progress of your book to your followers on social media. Tell them once the book is published, but also give a call to action. Ask them to share the information, ask them to buy a book and remind them the importance of leaving a review. Consider Goodreads as a very specialized social media platform to plug your book.
  2. Befriend Other Writers: Build a writer contact base, whether it is a writing group or individual authors in your hometown. Either way, share in their success and when it is time for your book to be published, share the information with a network already familiar with how to promote a book.
  3. Frequent Bookstores: Find a local bookstore, or several, and visit. Become familiar with the owners and managers and be bold enough to ask them for time to speak of your book during an event, and even ask them if it is possible to sell your book in their store(s).

We wish you all the best when promoting your book and we hope you can find these tips useful for you and your book!

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