Be Thankful for the Written Word: Thanksgiving Reading List

turkey readingThanksgiving is this week, which means there is more time to spend with family and friends and of course more time to read! If you are looking for something to read over the holiday weekend, try some of the suggestions below.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven-Eddie works at an amusement park and lives an uneventful, uninspired life. On his 83rd birthday he is killed in a tragic accident and is sent to heaven. He discovers that in heaven you meet five people who give you answers to questions about your life. This book is a quick read and will make you examine your life and appreciate the people in it.

Thanksgiving: The True Story-Penny Colman examines the holiday that many Americans celebrate every November. Are the stories you’ve heard actually true? What was the first Thanksgiving like? Pick up this non-fiction book about Thanksgiving and read more about the origination of its traditions and what really happened during the first Thanksgiving.

The Giver-Jonas thinks his life is perfect. He lives in a seemingly utopian society with no emotions and no choices until he receives training from The Giver at age 12. It is now time for Jonas to learn about all the pain and pleasure that life holds. After seeing how Jonas’ society is, this book will make you grateful you live in today’s society.

The Last Lecture-This book is not only touching, but a fun read as well. Randy Pausch is a professor who was asked what his last lecture would be. Since he was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, it wasn’t too much of a stretch for him to imagine. His lecture is not depressing, as one would imagine, but instead it is uplifting and inspirational.

Happy reading and happy Thanksgiving from Pypeline Editing!

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