Copy Editing

Copy editing is a thorough check of the book for grammar including, but not limited to: tense, spelling, sentence structure, and punctuation.

Structural Editing

Structural editing is an evaluation of the structure of the plot/storyline, clarity, style, consistency in tone or “voice,” and general character development with suggestions and advice.

Book Assessment and Book Appraisal

Whether you are in the beginning stages of the writing process or have finished writing your book, Pypeline Editing can help improve your story with either a book assessment or a book appraisal. Both these services offer guidance and suggestions to shape your story.


Pypeline Editing will help you create a plan to best market your book before and after publishing. This plan could include social media, press releases, and other online strategies.


Using Amazon or Smashwords, depending on publishing preference, we will partner with the author to complete the necessary steps of self-publishing.

The price of your quote depends on your project. In order to calculate the price, Pypeline Editing will take into account the size of the job, the type of editing services requested, the time required and the budget of the client. We don’t feel right giving out one price for so many different people, when everyone is different and every project is different.

Contact us today and we will deliver a customized quote for you whether you live in Reno, Tahoe or Timbuktu.

      The Crazy Club is excited to be working with Pypeline Editing. Pypeline Editing is efficient, smart and helpful.  They've allowed us to hone in on our editing, our SEO verbiage, social networking and networking skills - the skills that count. We have been highly impressed with their professionalism and turnaround time on the phases of our project. Pypeline set an ambitious timeline, met all deadlines and showed terrific follow-up.  We look forward to working with Pypeline Editing in the future.”
Robyn Lindner and Christie Rassuchine
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