Very Short Stories

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One of the hardest things about being a writer is learning how to get to the point. It is sometimes easier to write a long, eloquent story than to write a short and sweet one. While I enjoy long stories with many details and fancy words, it is sometimes better to just get to the point. Below are my attempts at being concise. I hope you enjoy my very short stories!

  1. His mom was staring at him in the rear-view mirror the whole way to the funeral. He dreaded seeing her there—why did he decide to have an open-casket funeral?
  2. Jerry gave up his dream of being a mime when he realized he was claustrophobic.
  3. A little boy stole Kelly’s balloon while she was playing in the park. She chased him after him; when she finally caught up with him, he gave her the balloon and their first kiss.
  4. The sound of his girlfriend crying was music to his ears. He screamed as he rushed toward her, which only made her cry harder. The Cochlear implant had actually worked!
  5. A Mayfly decided to spend a day relaxing and that’s the story of his life.
  6. He cried as he remembered the first time he held his wife and realized this time would be the last.

As you can see I like to put twists in my short stories to make them more fun. If you have some extremely short stories please share them with us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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