Part II: How to Be a Writer

FSimone_de_Bauvoir_the_day_of_the_Prix_Goncourt_next_to_a_window_writing_Paris_1952rom our first installment in the series: Part 1: How to Be a Reader, you must have rushed back to Pypeline Editing with some newfound respect for reading. Congrats! Reading is the gateway drug for writing, so gather round.

Now that you are a reader (again congrats!) then you must have accumulated some tips of the trade, ideas or even passion for writing. How does one transition from reading to writing? Well, I am here to tell you.

  1. Start Writing: Reading got you here because you enjoy the written word. From that love you started aspiring to be a writer of your own, so write! It is actually as easy as that. Start a journal, or even a blog.
  2. Formulate a Story Idea: You have an idea? Amazing! Now start writing that! If you are a paper and pen type of person, just know you will need to transfer to a computer sometime to type it. Start with a story idea first: plot, characters, setting etc. Everything else will flow from there.
  3. Make Time: Seem familiar? This step was in the last blog of the series about reading. Why? Because it is as true now as it was then. You must make time for the things you love or you’ll never do them.

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