Be the Best Blogger: Blogging Tips for Your Book or Business


PE laptopIf you own a business or are trying to enter the sought-after world of successful authors, a blog can be just the ticket. With a blog you can update readers on what you are doing (minus what you are eating), explain why you are a trusted expert (you know your stuff) and build a relationship with potential clients or readers (platonic obviously). The question is, how do you write a successful blog? Here are some great tips to make your blog the one to read and to make sure you are creating the proper image for you and/or your business.


  1. Have a Catchy but Clear Blog Title: Make sure there is no question what your blog is about without boring the person to tears. Make it worth reading, but something that could still successfully appear on search engines for that subject.
  2. Build Your Persona: What voice will all of your blog posts have in common? If you are the lone writer, even if you have several writers for one blog, the voice should remain the same. This can be decided on once you indicate your audience. Are you playful, are you cheeky, are you professional, are you dry? Be sure to remain consistent.
  3.  Know This: You are Educating, Not Selling: Build a relationship with your audience and money will follow. Focus on showing readers why you are a good writer or good at your business. Build the trustworthiness and the relationship in order to attract the masses. Focus on information and entertainment, no pressure to sell.

Now that you have the tips, you have the know-how and the confidence go write your heart out. A blog is way to reach people with your words so keep the word choice clean, shall we?

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