How To Fix Grammar Politely

9510eb8167d314e3be7e245a82708b29208dc78bea878a9615378529ed201373You fancy yourself an amazing Grammar Nazi, however with that title comes certain hardships, such as alienating friends and family and cultivating a bad reputation. Here are some tips to overcome this.

  1. Be Gentle: No one wants to be corrected all the time, so be gentle when you do it. Tell them you just want  to help or you just wanted to let them know. Never call them dumb.
  2. Build a Relationship: It is important to have a relationship with some of the people you correct, otherwise you wouldn’t care hurting their feelings. Am I right? So that means helping them, joking with them and essentially friend things.
  3. Be Selective: Obviously you will want to fix each and every error you find, but if the person is already upset, then maybe hold off. You won’t want to make it worse by also calling them out on a grammar mistake.

There is no way to not hurt someone’s feelings, especially when you can correct all sorts of grammar mistakes. So, in some respects you may need to ignore them (which I know kills you) or own your reputation. Repeat after me, “I am a Grammar Nazi and I know the correct use of you’re.”

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