How to Keep Writing Momentum Going in the Summer

Remember when you were a child and summer time meant spending all day in the sun? The months between school were truly spent unwinding and having fun. To some extent, adults still treat summer this way, especially when exotic trips are involved. However, when you are a writer the seasons do not affect your work, or at least it shouldn’t. So, the million dollar question is: How do I keep my writing momentum going, especially in the summer?

Goals, Scheduling and Discipline.

Those are three buzz words, which may not mean a lot right now. So, let’s dig deeper:


Before taking on any new adventure, you must always have a goal. It can be large or small, but you must know what you plan to accomplish. Once you have that in mind, it helps to write it down and flesh it out. If you are a writer, you may have the goal of finishing your book. So the goal is finishing your book? When? Flesh that goal out by including when you plan to finish that book. We shall say August 15, 2017 for this example. The key is to keep the goal alive and transitioning, so once you have completed that goal come up with a new one!


For any one who struggles with time management, this may prove challenging. However, it is doable! Schedule everything and stick to it. These are appointments you should put in your phone, on your scheduler or calendar. You must treat these as important activities, because they are. You would not flake on a doctor’s appointment or a birthday party, so do not flake here either. Keep in mind when you are most productive. If you wake early and like to get things done, plan your writing for mornings. The same is true in reverse, if you like to stay up late, plan your writing then.


This is the hardest one. For anyone who has ever had a tough goal, you will know discipline is a strong word. It may even become a word you will hate. When friends decide to go to the beach and you already decided to write, you may need to choose the tough road. If you planned to write to finish your book, you need to do it. Your friends will understand, and you can reschedule with them later.

Go tackle those writing goals, summer time or not! It may be a struggle. It may be tough, but it is worth it.

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