Movies that Will Inspire You to Write

download (2)You can’t read and write all the time, so when you aren’t doing those two things you can watch movies that will inspire you to do so. Below are a few movies that will hopefully inspire you to write some excellent stories.

Dead Poets Society-This is one of the movies I can watch over and over again and every time I do, I am inspired to write. In Dead Poets Society, Robin Williams is a teacher who inspires his students to live life to its fullest. Although this movie is bound to make you shed a few tears, it will also put you in the mood to write.

The Words-Katharine Fullerton Gerould said, “Originality usually amounts only to plagiarizing something unfamiliar,” but in the movie The Words the main character takes that to a new level.  Bradley Cooper plays an aspiring author who becomes successful after stealing someone else’s work. After seeing the consequences he has to face for this, you will feel the urge to write an original story.

Paper Man-Richard, played by Jeff Daniels, is a struggling author who still talks to his childhood imaginary friend. Richard goes away from home for the winter in hopes of getting rid of his writer’s block. He then meets a young girl who inspires him and they soon become close. This movie did get terrible reviews, but it is still worth watching. Most writers can relate to talking to their imaginary characters and struggling to come up with ideas and inspiration. If nothing else, Ryan Reynolds plays the childhood superhero friend named Captain Excellent—that should be all the reason you need to see it.

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