Musical Inspiration for Writing

young woman studyingWhether you are writing a romance or a horror story, music can help get your creative juices flowing. I tend to listen to music before and during my writing sessions. The genre or band varies depending on what I am writing. Below are some of the bands that get me in the writing mood.

Reel Big Fish: Reel Big Fish is a ska-punk band that will make anyone want to get up and dance, or in some cases sit down and write. I like to listen to this band when I am going to write something humorous since they don’t exactly take themselves too seriously.

Ice Cube: Ice Cube’s Today Was a Good Day always gets me pumped up. If I am feeling tired or not in the writing mood I put this song on and I feel like I can take on the world, or create one of my own. With lyrics such as “I didn’t even have to use my A.K.,” how could I not be inspired?

The Beatles: The Beatles help to cure my writer’s block. When I am not sure what to write I put all the songs from The Beatles on shuffle. Their songs have such variety that I usually find one that gives me inspiration to start writing. If nothing else, I just listen to The Beatles for a while—I can’t complain about that!

Justin Bieber: I listen to the one and only Justin Bieber when I am about to write a murder scene. For some reason whenever I listen to him I get the most vivid homicidal thoughts. OK, this one was clearly a joke, but it might work for some writers out there.

If I can’t decide what band to listen to, I usually go to Pandora and pick a certain genre to inspire me. Of course if I am particularly indecisive, I put my stations on shuffle. Something always pulls at my creative strings eventually.

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