Supporting Your Favorite Authors

indexWhen you love someone, you should support them. The same goes for your favorite authors. You love their writing so you should show your appreciation. Here are just a few ways to show your support.

Buy their books: We are advocates of libraries and we know people occasionally share books with their friends, but the best way to support authors is to buy their books. You don’t have to buy every book that you want to read, however, you should buy the books of your favorite authors. Buy books for yourself or buy them as gifts for your friends, which might turn your friends into fans of your favorite authors as well.

Write reviews: A quick review on Goodreads or Amazon can do wonders in increasing the popularity of an author. Take a couple minutes to explain why you liked the book and be honest. If there were things that needed improvement that would have made the story better, say so. Readers are more likely to believe a review if it sounds genuine.

Follow them on social media: When you follow authors on social media, you are supporting them and you will be able to keep up with what they are doing. Your friends will see when you like an author’s page, which means more exposure and the more exposure the better.

Be vocal: Word of mouth is powerful, so be sure to be vocal about the authors you love. Many people read books based on recommendations from people they know, so be sure to tell your friends how much you love your favorite authors and their books.

These are just some of the easy ways you can show love to the authors who inspire you. Talk to us on social media and let us know how you support your favorite authors.

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Charles Wellington II
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