The OK, the Bad and the Evil: Pypeline Editing Writing Tips

100_2060Every writer needs experience, passion and Pypeline Editing writing tips. We will prepare you for the mean streets by fully illustrating the common writing mistakes using Batman Villains as examples. So sit back and read up. Take note of these common mistakes so you can clean the streets of them later.

Cat Woman

Back Story: This lady is a notorious thief. Some may even consider her a cat burglar. (I can’t take ownership of this wonderful pun as it her name and her job description.) She steals things and that must be the only reason for missing commas. We currently do not know where they were last seen. However, we do know they are missing. They are not in compound sentences where they are needed before “but.” They are not placed after introductions such as “to tell the truth” and so on.

Justice: Use your commas! This tip is not to be confused with adding periods. Both are necessary and both are helpful to a story. Commas are beneficial to the flow of a story, so use them correctly. If your commas are missing, alert your local authorities.

Two Face

Back Story: Two Face could be considered good and bad, but this writing mistake isn’t. This is all bad, Baby. You are plugging away, writing line by line and you probably won’t catch this one, but there it is. These words are nestled between the other words, hiding from view. You just changed tense. You went from something that happened to something that happens all the way to something that will happen in one sentence. I haven’t yet mastered time travel so this makes my stomach sick.

Justice: Let’s stick to one time plane, shall we? Keep your tenses together, especially when dealing with the same sentence or paragraph. Often times it is even best to keep your tense on the same page. If you write in the past, keep it in the past. If you write in the present, keep it here. The future isn’t ready for Two Face.

Poison Ivy

Back Story: Have you ever seen ivy grow? Those vines get everywhere and there is no way of knowing where it begins and where it ends. If you don’t see where I’m going with this, let me help you along: long sentences! These sentences are a paragraph long, maybe even a page. Some writers try to justify the length by using all sorts of punctuation other than the one that really matters: a period!

Justice: These are an easy fix, use periods! Keep one thought per sentence. Short sentences are OK. Actually, short sentences often have more power in the punch than long ones.

We may not be Batman, Robin or even Commissioner Gordon, but we sometimes wear capes when we edit. We like the way it feels. Crime fighting is not on our list of services, but editing sure is. Stay tuned for future blogs when we go into even more writing tips. Be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn or even email us!

Batman is a copyright of DC Comics. Any and all money earned from this blog should be sent directly to them or placed discreetly under my door. Thank you.


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