Time to Write: Making Time for Your Writing

indexTrying to make it as a writer, but can’t find the time to actually write? It is a problem that many struggling writers face. We all have busy schedules and life tends to get in the way sometimes. However, if you have something to write, then you must find time! Here are some tips that work for me.

Be Organized

Be organized not only with your writing, but with the rest of your life as well. Organization will help relieve some of the stress in your life, which will make it easier to make time for writing. After I started keeping a planner I found I had more time for everything, especially writing. Of course with smartphones, staying organized is even easier. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I use Evernote to keep on top of everything going on in my life.

Plan Times to Write

While this tip might not work for everybody, it definitely works for me. I put time aside each day or each week to devote to writing. I know that I have set that time aside, so I will think about my writing until that point. By the time I get to that point in my day or week, I have already been thinking about what I will write. The ideas usually just flow right out.

Keep a Journal

Keep a journal with you at all times! Whenever I have any sort of idea, bad or good, I write it down. Some of my ideas don’t turn into anything, but they lead to great ideas. Some of my ideas are absolutely awful but they provide great amusement later, which is just as important. I like to keep my journal on my nightstand because I get most of my ideas from my dreams. Other times I will just put my ideas on Evernote so I can look at them on any of my devices.

After reading this blog, you might think that I have some stock in Evernote but I assure you I don’t; I just really love the app. Of course, if the people at Evernote want me to be their spokesperson I would be all for it.

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