Tips from an Expert Two: How to Successfully Write from a Writer

indexIf you follow our blog, and we know you do, then you read the interview with the enigmatic and sensational Todd Jones, writer from Minden, Nevada who writes about what you care about. Well, after an email and one missed phone call, he agreed to speak with Pypeline Editing once more, this time to explain the secret to being a successful writer. Let’s not delay!

Pypeline Editing (PE): Thank you for agreeing to speak with us Mr. Jones, again. This time, we would like to discuss any advice you have for readers on how to become a successful writer.

Todd Jones (TJ): And by successful, I presume you mean published?

PE: Yes.

TJ: Acclaimed?

PE: Yes.

TJ: Famous?

PE: Yes.

TJ: Best-selling?

PE: Yes….

TJ: Once you know how to become those, could you let me know? {Belly laugh} Kidding! The first step, and you’re not going to like it, is to write.

PE: Write?

TJ: That is correct. How else does a writer hone his or her skills? A writer writes, continuously and regularly.

PE: And after a writer writes, then what?

TJ: Well, find a trusted editor, one cannot edit his or her work. {Wink}

PE: That is good advice.

TJ: Then, do research. Is the writer looking to self-publish or find a publisher? Agent or no agent? Which publishing houses?  Once the book is published, how will the book be promoted?

PE: Err…

TJ: As you can see, after writing and editing, the next step, albeit large, is research. The author must have a firm grasp on the accomplishments wished to attain and how to do so. An amazing resource for all this and more, is Writer’s Market. It is also important to find a trusted individual who is already immersed in the writing field to offer advice and suggestions.

PE: Cough.

TJ: Indeed. So, let’s recap, the three steps to being a successful writer are?

PE: Write. Edit. Research.

TJ: That’s it. Write, edit, research.

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