Why You Need an Editor

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I’m a writer. I understand grammar. I always check my spelling. I aced English class. So, why do I need an editor?

Consider it a second (or in our case, third) pair of eyes. After having looked at your story over 30 times you are used to what it should say, therefore you may not see what it actually says. Minor typos, missing words and grammar mistakes can be missed. That is where an editor comes in.

Editors not only clean up the manuscript for publishing, but great editors also help writers push the envelope on their own skills to turn a book from good to great. A trusted editor (there should be no other kind) offers advice on ways to improve the story for the current market or by helping with plot and character development. You know the story in your head and are familiar with the characters. Others may not be.

Once a book is written (and edited) the logical next step is publishing. If the writer is looking for publishers, looking to self-publish or digitally publishing, an editor can offer suggestions that would work best for the writer. An editor can also help create a plan of attack.

An editor (at least one of them) can also offer solutions for a marketing plan. Anything from a social media plan to helping to construct optimized content for websites, book jackets and even blogs–an editor can help. Promote that book!

In short, an editor is there to help you with your writing and forming your book. So, don’t dawdle, don’t dally, don’t tarry–contact an editor today.

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      Jenny and Krystal, you two did an outstanding job correcting my quotes and restructuring many sentences throughout the 307 pages. The final edits will assist Harden's Shadows in reaching our readers with ten generations of promising stories spanning 300 years. You are truly my Author's Editors. It is my pleasure to recommend Pypeline Editing. You provided a thoroughly professional experience for a new author.”
Rob Harden
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