Write on Time: Time-Saving Writing Tips

imagesMost writers have struggled with trying to find time to write at some point in their career. While we can’t give you more time (although we did just gain an hour), we can provide some tips on how to be more efficient when writing.
Editing Comes Later: You will have more time to write if you don’t critique your writing as you go. Editing is a separate step, so when you are writing focus solely on that. You can decide what changes need to be made later.
Type It: It will also save time to type on your computer rather than writing on paper because you won’t have to take the time transferring what you wrote. We still love using a pen and paper on occasion but if you are short on time you might want to use a computer instead.
Use Writing Prompts: Don’t waste time by staring at your screen. If you are experiencing writer’s block, try using a writing prompt to get started.
Get Rid of Distractions: Try to remove as many distractions as you can so you can better focus on writing. Disconnect from the internet and find a quiet place by yourself. Eliminating all distractions might not be feasible, especially if you have kids, but do your best to create a relatively distraction-free environment so you can get more accomplished.
Even though we did just fall back an hour with Daylight Saving Time, don’t let yourself fall back on your writing. (We aren’t even sorry for that cheesy advice.)

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