Writing Groups and Why They Work

High Sierra WritersWhat do you picture when you think of an author, or even yourself? Perhaps, someone writing in the dark, alone, with only a lit screen to keep him or her company? Sound familiar? That’s what I picture when I even think of myself. However, I assure you, writing doesn’t have to be such a lone venture, in fact, writing groups are truly beneficial.

  1. Exchange of Ideas: It is truly an amazing thing to have your idea improved upon, and that is what (good) writing groups can do. Talking out a plot device or even a difficult section can generate a conversation filled with mega brainstorming.
  2. Critic Preparation: Sounds sad, but the truth is there. Writing is an art, and not everyone is going to like the things you like. Hearing from a trusted writing group that things can be improved will prepare you for when the world has their input once you’re published.
  3. Or, Room for Improvement: A good writing group will not tear you down, but build you up. If something isn’t clear, the trusted members of your team can offer suggestions or ideas to improve your story and even perhaps improve its chances of being published.
  4. Connections: The old adage is, “It is not what you know, but who you know.” Regardless how you feel about that, this phrase can be very true. A writing group can connect you with editors, designers or even local publishers or even offer you first-hand experience about working with one of those aforementioned business associates.

Consider a writing group and get yourself out of the cave!

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