Writing Prompts

Writer’s block is a writer’s worst enemy. Sometimes all you have to do to get over writer’s block is to write, whether it’s related to what you want to write about or not. To help you get started we have provided some writing prompts below.

Writing Prompt #1: You arrive home late at night. When you go to unlock the door, you discover it is already unlocked.

Writing Prompt #2: Your boss calls you into her office to inform you that she is leaving the company and you will be her replacement.

Writing Prompt #3: You have been in the shower for an hour, but you still feel like you are covered in blood. The night comes back to you in flashes as the water pours over your body.

Writing Prompt #4: There is a broken-down car on the side of the freeway. You pull over to help and realize that you know the driver.

Writing Prompt #5: Think about the first time you fell in love and describe how you felt. Who was the other person? What happened between the two of you?

Writing Prompt #6: You witness your best friend commit a crime. He asks you to keep it a secret, but you feel conflicted. Police come to your house later that night to question you about it.

Whether you are struggling to start a story or you get stuck in the middle of one, these writing prompts can help get the ideas flowing. Remember to write whatever comes to mind; you can always go back and edit later.

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