You Want a Leather Armchair and Bubble Pipe: Writing Tips to Achieve This

mdesignYou want to wear a smoking jacket while sitting in a squeaky leather chair, puffing on a pipe preferably filled with bubbles. You want to hold a skull in one hand and an old, leather-bound book in the other. The shortened version–you want to be a writer. This is a common fantasy of how writers undoubtedly act in their natural habitat. Gather round and Pypeline Editing will give you tips on how to write.

Gather Information: Regardless whether you are writing a fictional or a technical book, you need to gather information. Write about what you know, otherwise people will notice your quantum laser cannon somehow defies gravity on the third gravitational plane.

Write Simply: During those momentary increments whilst inscribing with your notation device it is imperative to utilize the preponderance elementary designations. In simpler terms: when writing, write simply. You can share an important story without making readers rush to a dictionary.

Read, Rewrite, Proofread and Rewrite Some More: When you’ve finished writing your story be sure to reread it. In the second, third, quite possibly fiftieth read-through you will begin to determine what parts are important and what words can be removed.

You have the tips of the trade, you are now three game pieces closer to that leather armchair complete with wooden bubble pipe. Writing takes practice, and practice means writing all the time, whenever you can and even when you can’t.

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