Susan G. Komen Nevada: Survivor Stories

Behind every survivor is their story. Pypeline Editing had the honor of partnering with Susan G. Komen Nevada to write the stories of breast cancer survivors from the Northern Nevada area. These women were brave enough to open up about their diagnoses, treatments, and all the struggles they faced along the way.

Russell Redenbaugh

Russell Redenbaugh’s memoir, Shift the Narrative, discusses how he shifted his narrative to overcome the challenges in his life. Blind from the age of sixteen, Redenbaugh's achievement as a successful investor and economist, a Commissioner on the US Civil Rights Commission serving under three US Presidents and a three time gold medal jiujitsu world champion fighting sighted opponents, prove that if he can, you can.

Christine Whitmarsh

Christine Whitmarsh, CEO & Founder of The Ink Agency and bestselling celebrity ghostwriter, introduced her first novel, Canyon Road. In this novel, Whitmarsh immerses the reader in the thrilling journey of Caesar and Leo. Christine is also the #1 Amazon bestselling author of the content marketing book, Personal Paparazzi: Your Brand Story Told Your Way. Christine currently resides in the Reno/Tahoe area with her husband, Mike.

JR Johns

JR Johns, of Dog Gone Silly, wrote his first book about an adorable pup named Chewy. Chewy the Amazing Red Pup features Chewy, an adorable but misunderstood pup who is repeatedly returned to the animal shelter for what seemed to be annoying and eccentric behavior. Fate and good fortune cross paths when two kindhearted performers who happen to own a popularly renowned dog show, discover that his unusual behavior blossoms into amazing talent after adopting “ the little red pup.”

Ligon and Maine

Louise Ligon and Hunter Maine met while vacationing in Ireland. Sharing a love of writing, they instantly connected. Louise’s background in history and passion for strong female characters coupled with Hunter’s intuitive skill for vivid storytelling make them a dynamic team. Pypeline Editing provided copy editing services for their first book collaboration, Blue Paramour, which is a historic erotic romance with gay and racial themes. Blue Paramour is the origin story of Brayden Steed their alpha male character who will culminate in a thrilling trilogy of love and war. Both authors currently live in Los Angeles with their three beautiful rescue dogs.

Candice Liberty

Candice Liberty is an artist, tattoo artist, and now an author. Pypeline Editing edited her first book, Wonderful Me, which is a memoir about finding herself while dealing with romantic heartache, mental illness and trying events. Her book takes the reader along on her personal journey in order to achieve the goal of a “Wonderful Me.” With poems and art pieces, Liberty shows how she comes to terms with her bipolar one disorder, sparing no intimate details through her relationships, in order to prove she is not finding love, but finding herself.
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Dolly Caudle

Dolly Caudle is currently working on her first book with Pypeline Editing. She was born in the Philippines during World War II. In 1945, right after the war ended, her and her mom moved to the United States. It was there where she started high school and became involved with a gang. Her book is a mixture of true events and fictional events about gangs in Southern California at that time, with first-hand experience as the backbone. As told, things went from bad to worse in the story. It has taken years of growing up, marrying, raising children and losing her mom from Leukemia before Dolly realized how true her mother's advice really was. Dolly currently resides in Reno, Nevada and is using her experiences to create her story, release date soon to be determined. 

Charles Wellington

Corsana – The Phalanx Syndicate is Charles Wellington’s first novel. Born in San Diego, California, he moved around for many years throughout Northern California, Oregon, Oklahoma and Nevada until he finally decided to settle down. With over 22 years of participation in tabletop roleplaying games he developed all of his own original story lines (along with a fully fleshed-out world). He finally succumbed to the wishes of his friends and family to put his stories and world into a novel for the world to enjoy. With Corsana – The Phalanx Syndicate now published after being edited by Pypeline Editing, he continues the series with plans for at least four books (if not more), which he plans on putting out yearly until finished. He currently resides in the city of Reno, Nevada with his long-time girlfriend and their two sons.

Dog Gone Silly

Dog Gone Silly combines comedy, award-winning acrobatics and captivating magic featuring four-legged co-stars as the focal point of the performance. Creator and veteran performer JR Johns leads the cast, which includes the talented newcomer Noah Ballard and their pack of rescued canine partners. Having performed in some of the top venues in the country, Dog Gone Silly is a diamond in the ruff and an asset as well as a true draw for any performance venue.

Rob Harden

The Harden name goes back 300 years, if not more. Rob Harden delves into that history of the Harden family through every generation. Rob's first book, Harden's Shadows, takes historical evidence and creative writing to paint the picture of nine different stories, or shadows. Rob graduated from Purdue University in economics and Ball State University with a master's degree in marketing. He and his wife established three rehabilitation facilities for persons with disabilities and those with barriers to employment. He came back to Pypeline Editing for the professional editing of his second book, which should be published later this year.

Joseph Cacibauda

Joseph Cacibauda came to Reno as a professional musician in 1975 and played in all of the major casinos in Reno and Lake Tahoe.  He played in the house band for the stage show Hello Hollywood Hello for 9 years. When the show ended he enrolled in the University of Nevada, Reno to become certified to teach elementary education. He taught in the Washoe County schools for 23 years before retiring in September 2013. Joe's previously published work includes After Laughing Comes Crying and Bass Solos. Pypeline Editing handled the editing for his book, Not for Self, which chronicles the life and death of a Sicilian peasant farmer turned bootlegger during Prohibition and his newest book, Einstein's Formulawhich ties Einstein's uncertainty principle to the troubling experiences of a music student.

Robyn R. Lindner and Christie A. Rassuchine

Robyn R. Lindner and Christie A. Rassuchine are the authors of the popular children’s book series, The Crazy Club. Drawing on experiences from their childhood together in South Lake Tahoe, California they have created a crazy group of friends that every child can relate to. Pypeline Editing helped with the promotion of their first two books, The Crazy Club Gets Its Start and The Crazy Club and the Stellar Spellers, as well as  their third book, The Crazy Club’s First Slumber Party. Christie currently resides in Reno, Nevada with her husband and two little girls. Robyn currently resides in South Lake Tahoe, California where she teaches.

Clyde R. Hedges

Author of The Boys of Chattanooga, Frisky Fairy Tales Part 1 & 2, Coyote, Virtual Christmas and Twelve Tingly Tales. Pypeline Editing offered professional editing consulting for his next novel as well as a full detailed marketing plan for his previous books. Clyde R. Hedges was born in Evansville, Indiana. He served in the Army and went on to acquire a teaching degree where he taught History and English. He uses his expertise in both areas to write. He is currently retired and resides in Reno, Nevada with his wife Marion.
      The Crazy Club is excited to be working with Pypeline Editing. Pypeline Editing is efficient, smart and helpful.  They've allowed us to hone in on our editing, our SEO verbiage, social networking and networking skills - the skills that count. We have been highly impressed with their professionalism and turnaround time on the phases of our project. Pypeline set an ambitious timeline, met all deadlines and showed terrific follow-up.  We look forward to working with Pypeline Editing in the future.”
Robyn Lindner and Christie Rassuchine
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