Decorate with Books for Christmas

No need to buy throwaway Christmas decorations when you have books! Below are some amazingly simple ideas on how to decorate using your own book collection this holiday season. Your friends will be jealous. Your family will be impressed. And we, well we will be proud.

download (2)Book Christmas Tree

Let’s start with the easiest first. First, build a base with a circle of books. Then build on top of that, but make the circle smaller each time so the tree gets pointier the higher you go. At the top, place your smallest book and include a star or any other doodad. To complete the look, circle the whole thing with Christmas lights for a cozy feel.

How many books you have determines the height and thickness of the tree. This may take a couple different tries to get this looking right, but it will be worth it. The best part? Minimal cleanup! When the holidays are over, simply pack away the lights and scoop up your books. Added bonus, you could technically keep this up year-round. Who is going to stop you? We sure won’t.


Book Page Ornaments

This one is simple as well, we are keeping with the simple Christmas theme as the holidays are way too complicated already. For this one, purchase some of these glass ornaments, you can get them relatively cheap this year, and a snowflake paper-cutter (or any Christmas theme you wish).

Now find a book. Any book, maybe one you like, but don’t care if you destroy. Take some pages from it and cut, or punch, whatever you want to call it. Now fill that ornament, but not to the top, with the paper cutouts. These also make great stocking stuffers, as you can see. They are adorable. We repeat, they are relatively easy to make. If you make the book tree above, you may not have a traditional tree to hang this on, but you can hang it anywhere! Now make it snow!


Wrapped Presents

These are great for center pieces or even as real presents under your (book) tree! Take a book you do not care if it gets ruined. If the writing that is visible is sentimental in any way, that would be great. However, we can fully understand if the idea of destroying your favorite book causes you heart palpitations. The main thing is to choose a book you do not mind destroying. Now, wrap! If you have ever wrapped a present before, this will prove easy. Use a fancy ribbon to add a festive element.

We promised to make these easy and simple. If you are looking for something more complicated in terms of book related decorations, Pinterest is the place for you. If you have something you want to share, either from this list or a more complicated one you found online, send us a picture and we will share it!




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