An Ode to Book Reading

431824_591774847499749_419924286_nIf you are feeling low and need some writing inspiration, first find some reading inspiration with Pypeline Editing’s first Ode to Book Reading:

Think back to a book that took your breath away. You know the one. Can you picture it? Can you think back to holding it in your hands? Can you imagine the smell of it as you ruffled its pages? In your imagination, run your fingers along its spine then hold it close to your heart.

The book was written in such a way you could not put it down. The real world meant nothing. You couldn’t imagine doing anything else until you discovered what happened, waiting on bated breath until you heard the hero survived, the lovers were together and the day was saved.

Remember how you felt when the ending was not happy? Did you sit on that chair for hours, holding back tears until you secretly wept for characters who were not real? Or at least,they were not real in this universe. They were real to you, they were real in that story. You felt as though you knew them. You knew everything about them, including their faults, and yet you loved them anyway. Their sadness consumed you, even if for a little bit. If you could have, you would have fought alongside them and made everything right.

Did you share the book? Did you hand your copy over to someone, hoping they loved it as much as you? Being able to share those worlds, those characters, with someone you cared about meant more to you than much else. You wanted to spend hours and hours discussing every bit of the story with someone . And, if they refused to read it, you decided to make it your mission to tell them everything about it, even if they didn’t want to hear it.

Do you remember that book? That book you would consider your favorite above all others. You would consider re-reading it, and each time you would find something new. Can you picture that book?

Now, go write that book.

Write a book someone will love as much as you loved that book. Give someone tragedy, humor or even adventure. All you need to do is write.



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