Best Hangover Books

hangoverIf you are like me, the only thing you feel like doing when you are hungover is staying in bed and reading. Considering this is the Monday after St. Patrick’s Day weekend, I figured this post would be relevant. These are the books I enjoy reading while unwinding from a crazy weekend.

Dr. Seuss Books-Drink too much over the weekend and want to go back to a simpler time? There is no better place to go than your childhood and Dr. Seuss will take you there. Read any Dr. Seuss book and you will be whisked back to a time when drinking too much meant an apple juice overload.

The Uninvited Guests by Sadie Jones-This is the perfect book to read in bed. The story takes place at the Torrington residence on the night of Emerald Torrington’s 20th birthday. The celebration is interrupted, however, when a group of train wreck survivors are sent to the house for the night. Although this book is odd, it is a page-turner and had me laughing. Since the story is somewhat ridiculous, it doesn’t require much thought—making it ideal to read while winding down from the night before.

Audio Books-When your head is aching too much to read but you still want some entertainment, put on an audio book. You can listen to your favorite book without even propping up your head. Try to find a book that’s narrated by someone with a calming voice. Hopefully Morgan Freeman has narrated some audio books by now.

Now that you have some reading ideas, feel free to stay in bed, read a good book and just relax, unless of course you have to go to work. In that case, get out of bed and go to work! What were you drinking before a work night anyway?

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