End of Summer Books to Read


Summer may be winding down, but that doesn’t have to be bad. Bring some joy into your life with books! Here is a list of books you’ll be sure to love for the summer wrap-up.

  1. Tahoe Trap: If you are looking to capture the last of the summer with a trip to Tahoe, you will recognize some spots in this book. Set, where else, in Tahoe and parts of Reno, you will be entranced by a suspense/thriller by Todd Borg.
  2. The Princess Bride: This book makes me think of summer, perhaps because of the amazing scenery the author creates. And for all who do not know, the author is actually William Goldman, not S. Morgenstern. It is a funny book though and all-around good time.
  3. Water for Elephants: Nothing says summer like a circus, and this book-turned-movie is about a traveling circus. As with all book-to-movie situations, be careful if you plan on reading and watching, in whichever order. You could end up disappointed.

Do you have books that should have been on this list that you would have liked to see? Send them to us and we can write a follow-up with your suggestions!

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