How to Decorate Book Shelves

mdesignSo you’re a big kid with your own book shelves, but now you don’t know how to decorate them! No worries. Good thing you found Pypeline Editing. We will explain in the steps below the perfect way to decorate any type of book shelf and we will make it as painless as possible.

  1. Supplies: We heard you already have a shelf, good. It doesn’t matter what kind of bookshelf or even how many shelves it has, as long as it is what you would deem a good shelf. Now collect the books you have or even take this opportunity to buy new books (may we suggest Grassroots?).
  2. Strategy: Do you have all the books you want on your shelf? Did you get new ones? Awesome! Now strategize, how will the shelves be categorized, if at all? Come up with a plan that is perfect for you and your home.
  3. Decorate: Now throw those books onto the shelves! *WARNING* Please do not actually throw the books onto the shelves. This could hurt the books and our feelings.

Voila! There is no better way to decorate a shelf than with books. If you really want to be fancy, you can place knick knacks or photo frames on the shelf too, but don’t block the books. They need to be seen. Want to increase your artsiness with book design? Read an older blog about how to make a book shelf ottoman!

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