Local Bookstore in the Spotlight: Grassroots Books

614718_10151935921651419_408893600_oPypeline Editing recently caught up with the Founder and Owner of Grassroots Books, Zoe Miller and she told us about the  hip happenings for Grassroots Books! Read the interview below and then get out and visit this amazing bookstore.

1. When did Grassroots first open its doors? 

2003 as an Internet seller, 2006 with its first employees and 2009 brick-n-mortar in current location.

2. How are you able to sell books at the amazing prices you do?

With regards to the bargain books, which are new and heavily discounted: We work extremely hard to find publisher overstock and slightly damaged books that were returned to the publisher. We buy from publishers and wholesale sources. Not only do we work to get deals so good that most items are 50% to 90% off, but also we consider buyer reviews. The experience of shopping at our store is especially enjoyable because we’ve selected great books.

With regard to used books: we try to keep overhead low so we can pay a good amount of cash for inventory, and mark it up a reasonable amount. This gives both sellers and buyers a good deal.

With regard to new bestsellers: we sell for 20% off the list price, which is a terrific deal. It’s not as low as Costco of course, but better than paying full price at a chain bookstore. We are working to keep overhead low so we can sustain this.

 3. Any events or promotions coming up you are excited about?

I am wanting to figure out how to help parents know that it’s a standard strategy to have a home library of 100 to 500 books. I’m inspired by the “Diamonds are Forever” campaign, which caused Americans to want to have diamond wedding rings in the 1940s. We want to change the culture. This will help kids develop competence in multiple ways, and will help them have the skills to not only succeed in school, but go on to program or whatever they want to do.

It’s important. If we don’t do figure this out, our community’s kids might continue to rank near the bottom of the USA, and the USA might continue to lag behind other industrialized nations.

4. Anything else you’d like to add?

We pay cash for books, DVDs, CDs, vinyl records, comic books, audiobooks and more. We are grateful when people give us the chance to get their unwanted items back into circulation. Getting more inventory is our top priority.

Thank you to Zoe and to Grassroots Books for granting us this interview. Visit their website for all the events and amazing book sales to help you stock your shelves and enrich your mind!

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