How to Adopt-Out Old Books

mdesignYou have a stack of old books that you have read and for whatever reason (no judgment) you are trying to figure out how to get rid of them. Here are some tips to give your old books a new home.

  1. Donate Them Away (AKA Free Adoption): Find a local library, a child next door or even a thrift shop to take your books. Many libraries have drop-off criteria, so check with your local library.
  2. Sell Your Books (AKA Adoption with Compensation): Many second-hand bookstores will buy your books. In Reno, Nevada a popular bookstore is Grassroots Books who buys and sells all types of books, music and movies. Contact them for dates and times to bring your books in! Also, Amazon is a huge book seller. We can’t forget them!
  3. Host a Book Swap (AKA Fun Night In): Do you surround yourself with other book nerds who love books too? Then host a book swap! Everyone brings in books they don’t necessarily care for anymore and swap with friends at someone’s house. For extra bonus, have food, drinks and altogether merriment for a great evening in.

Books are the life-blood of a civilization so don’t just throw your books out. Find them a home! With these suggestions above, you will have no problems finding a place for your old books. The only problem may be letting them go without getting all misty-eyed.

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