Old Children’s Movies for the Book Lover in You


Yea! We love books too!

Many great movies are made from books, but what about movies made for book lovers specifically? These perfectly capture what it means to love books based on book loving protagonists!

  1. The Pagemaster: A bullied boy finds refuge in a library. Suddenly he has been transformed into an animated illustration (classic Friday night) and must make his way through literary obstacles to return to his world (classic Saturday night). The lead character, played by a young Macaulay Culkin, is stuck in a book, haven’t we all been there?
  2. The NeverEnding Story: A boy finds a mysterious book and is suddenly sucked into a fantasy world. Sound familiar? The lead character is literally a boy who is stuck in a book, this is every book lovers free time.
  3. Matilda: This little girl is a genius who finds out she can move things with her mind. Undergoing abuse from her parents and principal, she eventually rescues herself and her innocent teacher. Bullying is really a common theme. Books can save lives! Either way, she read a lot of books!
  4. The Spiderwick Chronicles: A family moves to the middle of nowhere and are thrown into a fantasy world complete with faeries and goblins. A magical book has categorized each creature, and is now a very important manual for the fantasy world.
  5. The Princess Bride: Now the main character here is more likely to be Buttercup or even Wesley, but it all starts with a book. The grandfather is reading a very lovely book to his grandson while he is sick, thus creating an amazing story full of sword fighting, swamps and even true love.

Children’s movies are not devoid of intelligence. Books are amazing and can create such wonderful things. OK, PSA off. Enjoy your New Year’s!

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