Part I: How to Be a Reader

932337ded28c34988cbcc037e45e0f71Want to be an author some day? It starts with being a reader. Seems like a super small step, but when you are holding a book (or an e-reader for those technological folks) and you devour the words one by one, creating a story within your own mind, you are creating lasting memories. This is a treasure trove of ammunition to use in your own writing.

When reading it is easy to be sucked into the world of the storyteller, but as a writer, you may also notice some other subtle nuances. Notice how the writer uses tenses and personas. Does the author use first person? If so, how does the author describe the world through the protagonist’s eyes?

These are all great takeaways. I should know, I wrote them. Let’s get to the nuts and bolts; how does one become a reader.

    1. Start Young. Unless you found a way to go back in time, you may have missed this step that is crucial. If you want to be a reader, start loving to read when young. This is not lost on you if you are a little older, start reading now! Also, keep this in mind with children of your own.
    2. Try a Variety of Genres. You may not know what you will like and not like, so don’t make assumptions. Read all genres to see what you like and don’t like, it may surprise you.
    3. Make Time to Read: People make time for the things they love. Don’t consider it a chore, consider it something to look forward to. Reading is an amazing pastime that will grant you the reader an amazing array of stories to entertain your curiosity.

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