Symptoms of a Book Snob

86731815e97e49966d16ccb3534f9c5aAre you unsure whether or not you’re a book snob? We aren’t doctors, but as editors, and book snobs ourselves, we are able to diagnose book snobbery. If you experiencing the following symptoms you might just be one.

You avoid buying books with movie poster covers. As a book snob, you probably read the book before you watch the movie. This means that you don’t want the cover of a book to look like a movie poster. You will opt to buy the book with the original cover, not the one advertising the movie.

You don’t like reviews on the back cover. The back of the book is where the synopsis goes. It is OK to have some reviews there, but there also needs to be room for a summary of the book.

You don’t like when the author’s name is larger than the title. Book snobs judge books by their covers and we don’t like books with the author’s name taking over the cover. The title should be the largest text on the cover, even if the author is a big shot.

You prefer traditional books to e-books. Technology is great and we do like e-books, but nothing beats reading a traditional book. Books have a certain feel and experience that you don’t get from e-books.

We have yet to determine a cure for being a book snob, but that’s probably because we don’t want to find one. We prefer to keep our noses up so we can smell all the books that are constantly surrounding us.

One thought on “Symptoms of a Book Snob

  1. Maura Hagarty-Bannon

    Well I hadn’t considered the moniker ‘snob’ to describe my taste and/or reading habits, but I have thought of myself as a discerning reader so I guess this self-awareness does make me an unapologetic snob.
    Although I understand the reasoning of the author/publishing house i.e. that some portion of the public might purchase a book that is only reviewed by other authors, experience and $ has usually confined such to my no fly list.


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