Tolkien Reading Day

Are you a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, writer of the popular The Lord of the Rings series? His books have been adapted to the silver screen, awakening a new batch of Tolkien readers to an already impressive number of Tolkien fans.

Tolkien Reading Day is March 25 around the world. This day was started in 2003 by the Tolkien Society to encourage the readings of J.R.R. Tolkien. March 25 was chosen as the date to honor the fall of Sauron in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. How’s that for a date selection? In honor of the date, which will happen later this week, the Reno editing gals at Pypeline Editing are going to supply you with some Tolkien facts courtesy of The Fact Site and Mental Floss:

  1. Tolkien’s full name was John Ronald Reuel Tolkien.
  2. Whilst living in South Africa, Tolkien was bitten by a baboon spider. Many believe this accident would echo in his future works.
  3. Tolkien, his brother, and their mother traveled around England, where he was inspired by his aunt Jane’s farm, Bag End.
  4. Tolkien could read and write fluently by the age of four.
  5. The first language he created by himself was Naffarin.
  6. He was greatly influenced by his travels in Switzerland and its landscapes. This features heavily in Bilbo’s travels over the Misty Mountains in The Hobbit (1937).
  7. He wrote The Book of Lost Tales in Staffordshire, whilst recovering from his time at the Somme.
  8. Tolkien wrote The Hobbit (1937), The Fellowship of the Ring (1954) and The Two Towers (1954) while living at 20 Northmoor Road in North Oxford.
  9. During World War II, he was earmarked as a codebreaker.
  10. Queen Elizabeth II gave Tolkien the Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1972.
  11. Tolkien was a devout Roman Catholic.
  12. Tolkien was a professor at Oxford University from 1925 until 1959.
  13. After Tolkien’s death, his son Christopher published many of his father’s works and manuscripts, including The Silmarillion (1977).
  14. The first signed edition of The Hobbit reportedly went for $85,000 at auction.
  15. He considered forbidding a German translation of The Hobbit after the German publisher, in accordance with Nazi law, asked him to certify that he was an “Aryan.”

Since you have a couple of days to plan how best to use your Tolkien Reading Day, consider posting you reading with the hashtag #TolkienReadingDay.

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