Why Kitties are Book Buddies


Yes, this is our actual kitty. Meet Jewel!

Maybe this blog will blow up the Internet, but the truth has been spoken. Kitties and books go together like jellybeans and porcupines. (For all those who do not get it, it’s because you can put the jelly beans on their quills.)* Here is a list as to why having a kitten around while reading is sublime.

  1. Constant snuggle buddy. (Especially perfect on a cold day.)

  2. They don’t question why you are reading all day.

  3. They don’t question why you are still in your pajamas.

  4. They will sleep in whatever room you are in. (Sometimes)

  5. They will enjoy nothing more than a lazy day with tea, a good book and a warm blanket.

As you could imagine, this adorable list could go on and on. Let’s cut to the chase, you heard your kitty, stay home in your pajamas where it is warm during these November days. Read a good book with some tea, or maybe even hot cocoa for you crazy folks.

*No animals were harmed during the creation of this blog post. That includes porcupines, we did not actually put jellybeans on their quills. We tried, but they’re kind of scary.

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