Shout from the Rooftops: Tips to Promote Your Book

Krystal BCThat book of yours is complete, edited and now ready for the world. Whether you plan to self-publish or have partnered with a publishing company, you are on the treacherous path of promotion. Even working with a publishing house you should  take a tandem bike’s seat with Pypeline Editing when publicizing your book, don’t just leave it to anyone. Use these promotional tips and you’ll be safely on your way.

Social Media is Your Friend

Social media is not just for teenagers on their phones anymore. Social media is a free (or low-cost) and effective way to spread the word. What’s that word? That’s your book, your business and that’s you. Focus on the big three: Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. You can also branch out to more specific social media platforms, consider Goodreads for books.

Send out updates, deals, pictures and even post events. Social media experts (aka recent college grads who need jobs) have long debated the rules of frequency. In the beginning, every other day was fine. However, with the increase of smart phone users a post a day (sometimes several a day) keeps you top of mind. Interact with your “friends,” “followers” and “circles.” The terminology sounds creepy, but we swear no one is hiding in the backseat of your car.

Come Prepared for the Amazon

If you’re selling your book on Amazon then you have in your resource kit an author’s bio and a book summary. These must be used to attract attention and protect you from the elements. Using SEO/SEM keywords you can write copy to be on page one of a variety of search engines. These keywords require research but they are proof that words are still king, even ruling over photos and videos online.

Make sure everything is consistent. If you are prolific and have several novels demand your name printed the same way every time. Use abbreviations, nicknames or initials consistently so you can be found easily by every means of search. Tags and categories are your friends in this book jungle, use them effectively.

Networking is not Just Used for Dating

Grab a stack of your business cards, wear your biggest smile and get ready to mingle. There are many different options: packed rooms with a variety of local business leaders, meals with similar industry individuals and there is even the more specific approach, meeting directly with possible leads. One is not more important than the other but one thing remains true for all, sum up who you are and what you do in the least amount of words possible. This is the electronic age Baby, keep it short and simple.

Stay with networking and outreach consistently as it helps to keep your name out there. That being said, don’t stay with one networking group if it doesn’t work for you. If you go every month, collect a dozen business cards but gain no real business then evaluate the effectiveness of that particular group. Each city has many networking options, Reno has several and they are  easy to find.

These three promotional tips are a small taste of where to begin. Promotion is a daunting task, we wouldn’t lie to you, we took an editor’s oath. We’re here to help. Stay tuned for later posts where we give you even more valuable information.

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