Social Media Tips: How to Handle Snarky Social Media Comments or Trolls


PE laptopImagine this scenario: you have carefully crafted the best social media post regarding a new event/new product/new book and blasted it to all your social media platforms. Then the worst happens; one or more individuals go on and comment–and they’re not good. Now, there will be those unfortunate situations where your own business practices or work has encouraged the terrible replies, however on the other side, you have comments for no reason at all. These comments are snarky for the sake of being snarky, at times these people are called Trolls. Don’t worry your pretty little head, here are tips on how to handle such situations.

  1. Ignore the bad ones: Don’t let a few bad apples ruin your day. In many ways, ignoring it is better than doing anything at all. Involving yourself, and your company, in a social media squabble is in no way good for your image. If it is really bad or insistent, look into other avenues.
  2. Report the user: OK, you tried ignoring the comments even though every time you glanced at it you died a little inside. But the comments continued, every time you posted there was another awful comment from the same user. Or maybe the comment was incredibly insensitive you just have to do something, report them. Each social media platform has a way to report inappropriate users so do so.
  3. Do damage control: If it is something related to your work and you have the proper ammunition to fight back, speak up. Keep your comment to one, NEVER insult the other person and keep it very professional. If the Troll made a comment that you harvest human organs in your basement. Speak up and tell them to visit your basement (then have the proper utensils available.)

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