I Can Do It Myself!-Self-Publishing Tips

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Every author puts a significant amount of time and energy into his or her book, so it would be a shame if a reader gets turned off by the cover design or a typo. Some authors chose to “save” money by not hiring a professional designer for the cover work or by self-editing, but it is important to realize that it is not just throwing money away; it is an investment. Designers and editors will enhance your work, which will in turn contribute to your success.

Be Your Own Publisher

One of the things we recommend to our clients is to buy their own ISBN number. When you buy your own ISBN you essentially become your own publisher, which gives you more freedom than buying one from an online publisher such as CreateSpace. You will not be limited to selling your book on only one site; you will be able to sell your book to libraries or bookstores without all the hassle.

Get to Writing

In the self-publishing world, you have to publish books often. Once you publish your first book, you need to start writing your second. Try to publish at least 2-3 books every year to stay relevant. While you probably will not be putting out books like John Grisham, you will need to publish as often as you can. With that being said, make sure you are publishing quality work. It is much better to publish one high-quality book each year than four mediocre books.

Promote, Promote, Promote

There are more books than ever right now so you need to get your name out there whenever and wherever you can. Tell all your friends, have book-signing parties and try to get your book into local bookstores and libraries.  Don’t forget about social media. Post on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ at least once a day. You essentially want to get your name and your book out in the world as much as possible. Of course if you need help, Pypeline Editing is here to help.

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      Jenny and Krystal, you two did an outstanding job correcting my quotes and restructuring many sentences throughout the 307 pages. The final edits will assist Harden's Shadows in reaching our readers with ten generations of promising stories spanning 300 years. You are truly my Author's Editors. It is my pleasure to recommend Pypeline Editing. You provided a thoroughly professional experience for a new author.”
Rob Harden
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