Publishing Your Book: Differences and Benefits of Self-Publishing and Traditional Publishing

BC BookLet’s get right to it–you have written your book, it has been professionally edited and now you have the task of publishing. Which is better, self-publishing or traditional? We can’t answer that for you, nor would we. What you need are the facts.


In this scenario, you are the publisher. You handle every aspect of the book, from the editing, the art direction to the marketing and of course the actual “construction” of the book. Self-Publishing bestows upon you all the control (art design, editing, marketing and publishing as stated above so you don’t forget) as well as all the work. So roll up your sleeves.

In some instances you will even be expected to foot the bill on publishing cost depending on how you publish. For all you impatient people, self-publishing works instantaneously so you can have a book in hand or on a computer very soon.

The major takeaway from here is you are responsible for marketing your book. The success authors reach is by their ability to peddle. You need to become proficient in every media platform and be ready to schmooze.

The popular self-publishing avenues include Amazon, Lulu and Smashwords for eBooks, so check them out.

Traditional Publishing

You composed your book and sent out query letters to several (or perhaps one) publishing house and it was accepted and picked up. With that publishing house you will receive all the help and assistance necessary: an editor, a designer, a marketing team and the actual publishing house stamp on your books. You also share some of the control: if they think your book would be better without your final chapter, you may have quite the discussion on your hands.

A good publishing house will pay you up front for your manuscript while it is printing. If they ask for money to print it for you, you better ask some questions and protect yourself, as it is probably a scam.

This process, all of it from query letters to publishing, can take an enormous amount of time. So hunker down and stay persistent. The time however can be worthwhile, as with a traditional publisher you receive their education in licensing and ownership; plus they give you access to their entire network, support and tips.

For more publishing tips be sure to read Publishing Tips and remember, a well edited book is more likely to reach the attention of a publishing house or potential customers. As a writer, it is also important to have an online presence regardless whether you are self-publishing or with a publisher. Here are tips on how to promote your book. Be sure to ask questions, we are always available.

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